We can empower you and equip you with tools and techniques to live a calmer, happier and more loved up life amongst the chaos of Motherhood. 


We'd hate to waste your time so, before you read on please note that we are currently based in Ringwood (Melbourne) and we will have more locations (when the time is right). We also offer 1:1 support and private group courses and events with minimum 7 numbers. Simply email us at enquiries@mummyminddetox.com to find out more.

What Moves Us

There are so many self development programs and Mum groups you could be a part of but we know that there's nothing quite like Mummy Mind Detox. We're a real life community, we're totally honest and we're the best in the biz when it comes to helping Mums find themselves again after having kids.

We are committed to supporting you, educating you, empowering you and helping you believe what we already know... and that is that you're so capable, you're so enough and you can do whatever you put your mind to.

We know this because we've personally helped more than 60 Mums and their families since we began, less than 2 years ago. We've reignited the spark in relationships that were on the brink of seperation. We've inspired calmness, mindfulness and happiness within the craziness of 'Mum Life'. We've helped Mums discover their passions and move into careers that light them up. We've guided Mums to find their successful health path and become more confident in their own skin. We've helped Mums let go, make peace and move on. We've created a movement of self-empowerment, self-care and self-love. Plus so much more!  

We do what we do... Because we love seeing Mums love themselves and their lives. Because this doesn't have to be HARD, or chaotic, or stressful. Because the dishes CAN wait, the kids can take their time and we WILL be okay. Because we, as Mums and as women are so much happier when we are more than our roles. Because we, as women truly thrive when we are experiencing in-person connection. Because it's OKAY to not be okay, it's OKAY to feel Mum-guilt (don't we all) and it's OKAY to talk about it! Because when you remember who you are and you love who you are, you are phenomenal.  

Are you ready to be phenomenal? CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE! 


Mummy Mind Detox (MMD) was born out of a love for personal development, the power of a group course and the indescribable bond that Mums have. It is a safe space to come together and learn, connect and laugh WITHOUT the kids. A place where we, as Mums come to be real, learn about ourselves, and understand that we are so much more than the roles we play in life.

The first course was developed by Erin Reghenzani and commenced in June 2016. So far, MMD has helped more than 60 women and their families. MMD has progressed in so many ways and we continue to inspire and help new and existing members, we are so excited for the new offerings we have available for Mums in 2018. LEARN MORE HERE.

"Mummy Mind Detox sessions are a cathartic, challenging & proactive group of sessions that give mothers the necessary toolkit to challenge their own individual issues & way of thinking. As a collective series they empower women to flourish in their own right, with their own means and individualistic journeys through practical and tangible yet creative goal setting. The sessions have offered me personally a break and space to rediscover myself & core values, challenging negative beliefs in a safe and secure environment. I would encourage other Mums to take up this wonderful opportunity to take a step towards an enlightened future, that will enrich their own lives (as well as their families)."



When you join MMD you will be joining a tribe of women who are supportive, friendly, love a laugh and a tea (and wine) and are completely open to learning, creating and looking after themselves.

At MMD, you're not just signing up for a transformational lifestlye course; you're signing up for a full support system. From training resources to ongoing support, you'll get to know us and we'll get to know you and your goals... and together we will create magic.


PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT for you if: - You're not willing to learn, grow, develop yourself, love yourself and to accept yourself - You don't want to stop complaining - You're not open to trying new things - You're not ready to let go of the past - You're not going to take action - You can't commit to weekly in-person sessions 

"I saw the Mummy Mind Detox program advertised on a FB forum that I follow and I was immediately intrigued. I am a mum of two young girls and was feeling like I had lost myself as a person and that I needed some inspiration and techniques to get myself back on track. I've started the MMD course this term, and already I am making changes to my life. Erin has inspired me to look within and work on myself. I am conscious of my reactions, my thoughts and my goals. It's great to know that I am not alone in my feelings and that there are other mums out there experiencing the same issues that I face in everyday life. I'm thoroughly enjoying the course and the content and look forward to my positive and exciting future." 




We love to laugh, learn, connect and thrive amongst the chaos. We love to meditate when we can and watch trashy TV too. We love herbal tea (we get to have them piping hot at MMD!) as much as we love to drink a good wine. We love our kids and our families but we also love having time to ourselves. We tell it how it is, are real and honest and have no judgements within the walls of MMD. We know that our journeys are different and so beautiful in their own ways and we encourage everyone to succeed in their own way.

"MMD provides the tools to help reconnect with you after having kids. I know I was feeling really lost and like my whole life was about my kids and what others thought. I'm now beginning to implement what I've learnt and have started to find myself and the things that I love again." - Jade Neway

“It was such a game changer for me!… I’ve learnt so much!” – Andrea Terzioski


"I was hesitant to come to MMD, as I was feeling worthless and didn't think anything could really help me, but I'm so glad I took the leap and went along. Erin has totally changed my perspective on life and her extraordinary positive attitude is infectious. I now understand how my own self-doubt has been holding me back in my career and relationships and I feel ready to take back control of my life instead of feeling lost and unhappy. MMD has given me the confidence to be me, a better, happier, more empowered version of myself who feels ready to take on the world. Thank you, Erin, for sharing these insights into how beautiful I really am, inside and out." – FIONA BENNETT

Just some of the things topics we cover include...


We get so caught up in the problems, the stress, the comparisons and by doing so we let go of the control of our own thoughts... MMD helps you take back that control so that you are living more consciously and therefore more happily!

You'll learn how to DEAL with your emotions rather than eating them and/or taking them out on the ones you love!


The emotions that we feel and hold on to create so many more problems than we realise... we are triggered numerous times a day and feel stress, overwhelm, frustration plus so much more. MMD helps you find ways to overcome the emotional discomfort and better yet, prevent the triggers. 


Set specific goals (the MMD way) and meet them in the perfect time for you because change really is better than a holiday! You'll become clear on the things you want in your life and create a more abundant mindset!


We don't call it 'luck' we call it magic and we know that we can create it ourselves, because at MMD, we do! The magic is what happens when you are living in alignment.


We feel more connected when we are honest with ourselves and each other, with that being said we believe that the uncomfortable conversations are the most critical ones to have. We talk in depth about relationships so that you can improve yours. We offer advice, tips and tricks that every person must know to have thriving relationships.


We understand that as Mums, meditations and yoga might be difficult to fit into your schedule and that's why our mindfulness education and tips are guarenteed to help you reconnect back to you and disconnect from the noise that causes us stress. 


We can't wait to have you!!

From the support to the things we teach, we want to help you build yourself up, feel like yourself again and have self-confidence. Sign up below to find out all the things we have on offer in 2018 and become a part of the MMD tribe.

WE GUARENTEE: - You will leave MMD with a fresh perspective and a more positive outlook. - MMD will change the way you think and the way you feel about yourself. - A safe and supportive place to get real and get honest. - Weekly laughs (because we all love a good laugh! - You'll find ways to balance your life better and incorporate more flexibilitly and simplicity.